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November 15, 2006


Cottage Rentals

This was nice plan ..The retailer will also offer floor plans for the houses in their stores nationwide and online.


I would love to replace my old rental trailer in a distressed neighborhood with a Katrina Cottage and use it as my retirement home. I'm just afraid the contractor & county building fees would put even this home beyond my budget.


we would love to build one but the land in florida no matter where you are would be just as much if not more then the house. 45 to 50 dollars a sq ft is a bit over the top as well

Jolene Johnson

As a single person with a moderate income, the Katrina Cottage seems like a great way for people like me to own their own home.

kathleen peterson

reminds me of the houses you could buy through the Sear catalogue years ago.

Cynthia Womack

Homes such as these are infinitely safer,more affordable
and more aesthetic than trailers or conventional 'ticky-
tacky houses.

People could own their own decent,attractive homes a
great deal sooner with houses such as these and retain them throughout relocations and evolving needs.

If universal design is applied within,they can meet the
needs of all ages at all times of life.

The small size and efficient layouts make them ideal for
starter homes and downsizing.

They can be expanded as necessary or repurposed to serve
as offices,guest quarters,shops,studioes,worker housing or other uses beyond that of a traditional residence.

They can be built quickly and easily on or off-site and
easily transported (often in one piece) without the hassles of conventional house-moving.

Landlords can own these houses at least as cheaply as inferior structures and supply tenants with good-looking and liveable homes that are within the tenants' means
and don't absorb all the owners' time and money to maintain.

Building them in bulk would reduce costs even further
and recycled or salvaged materials could be utilized to
good effect.

The time-tested vernacular architecture would mean that
these houses could fit comfortably in a variety of settings so the neighborhoods they inhabited could welcome them as part of a friendly,accesible and inviting
community rather than begrudge their presence as a souless blight.

These homes could be the first step in a lifestyle that
makes charm,dignity,economy and utility well within the
reach of all our citizens-particularly those who need them most.

I would use one of my own as a small business now and a retreat or less tedious home later in life.

I'd also use them to replace the bleak money pits that
sometimes serve as freestanding rental units.

The lower crime,family gardens,pet ownership,etc. that
detached housing can provide would offer much more than
just a place to live.

I'd love to be a part of that for myself and others.

Tina Arthur

I would definitely be quite happy to live in one with my son. We have longed for a home to live in but housing is so expensive in our neck of the woods (Boulder, Colorado). That is definitely in the affordable price range, as long as you can find land that doesn't cost too much!


I quite like it. I think it is a great alternative to the trailers and I could see these doing quite well also for people who just want to build on a lake front property but don't have the funds for a big build this would be great.

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